Today we are taking a look at the iPhone Xs Max Cases from Spigen. Just to give you an idea, I got these early. They still say”Coming Soon” on the Spigen website. You cannot order them. But through some glitch they are now available on Amazon. I’m providing those links to the cases so you guys can get them right now.

Get the Crystal Clear Hard Case at and the Glitter Gel Case at

I really like Spigen a lot, the reason I’m reviewing these is because if you need a case for your iPhone Xs Max on release day you, you want to get your phone protected as soon as possible. This has been the case I have had since I got the iPhone X last year.

I Love this case. It’s cheap. It’s effective. It has protected the phone perfectly. It has not faded [on the iPhone X].

If you have the previous case for the iPhone X, it is the same case. It has the same exact design. It is just enlarged to fit the new phone.

It has the bumpers on the corners so if it lands flat on it will not scratch the case. It has the air pockets on the corners so if it lands on the corners it’s protected. It’s their technology that they advertise. An amazing case [for the money.]

If you already want to compare sizes, you can tell what you are looking at for when you get the new phone. You can also see that’s a long swipe from the top, we just noticed this when we got them in person now. I just got these in the mail, they just got delivered today so I am putting these up as quickly as possible.

I also ordered this glitter version of the case. It does have the same air pocket cushions here, but I am noticing the glitter version is a softer gel. It is not the hard case.  It doesn’t have the ridge around the camera, it has more of a soft cutout. I did get this one for my wife, who has it in her purse. Mine is always out, so it worked out perfectly.

Just a little side note. To let you know how quickly they were putting this together. It looks like Apple just gave them the specs from Apple, but had no idea what it would be called.  So it says here “New iPhone 6.5” so, everything’s off with the description which I thought was kind of interesting.

So yes, still says coming soon on their website. This is a very short review. For someone that likes to change their case quite often, and change the way [your iPhone] looks, (that’s kind of the dress-up for your phone); as far as bang-for-your-buck I don’t know anything better.  Speck, Otterbox, all great case manufacturers, but so very expensive.

It’s been a great case. It’s protected my phone very well. It has that extra ridge of course, so if it falls on the glass, the glass is protected.  So I have no complaints.

See you on release day!